Outdoor Wireless Security Camera - EyeSpy247EXT Review


Outdoor Wireless Security Camera – EyeSpy247EXT Review



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Outdoor Wireless Security Camera – EyeSpy247EXT Review


The EyeSpy24EXT is a great wireless security camera and is definitely not one to be missed. When looking for these types of cameras you need to be very careful with quite a lot of things. Some of these are the length of the Wi-Fi signal it can pick up, is the receiver strong and will it hold the signal strong? Does it have night vision? And how well will it withstand the weather conditions? Well the EyeSpy247EXT does all of these things and a lot, lot more!

First off, you can tell this is a great product from the moment you take it out of the box. It is durable and built to last. This is done through a few ways. It is made with very strong, durable material to withstand all weather conditions and also dust so you don’t have to worry about leaving it out recording for long periods of time.

This product comes with a special feature which detects whether it is day or night and then adjusts the lens to that. At night it uses LEDs for infrared night-vision so even at night you can use your wireless security camera to detect intruders or incidents. The night vision works very well on this camera and the footage always comes out clear and precise. The footage is very good quality with zoom capabilities.

This security camera is of course wireless (hence the name) and the signal it can pick up is very long range so you can place it quite far away from your wireless modem. A feature it does have is motion sensing recording. This means that as soon as it detects movement such as an intruder it will start recording a 10 second clip. This 10 second clip will then be uploaded to an Eye-spy server online where you can monitor what has just occurred. The upload is very fast but it does vary on your internet upload speed. Once the video is uploaded it then goes onto record another 10 seconds if there is still movement. Remember that this upload process happens almost instantaneously so it won’t be too long between each footage clip (this once again depends on your upload speed) but for most people a 10 second video will almost be an instant upload.

One amazing feature is that you can view live footage on all most every major smart phone. This includes iPhones and Androids. The footage streaming quality all depends on your wireless speed but in general the quality is one to be proud of and the viewing live on your phone feature definitely adds another great feature to this product. This allows you to be in bed but still know what is going on outside if you detect a disturbance and you can even take screenshots on your phone!

To conclude, I think that this security camera is packed full of so many features and that is what makes it worth the money. It is one of the most high quality and durable cameras I have seen on the market and it is definitely worth every penny!

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